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Coach Wooden

One thing I will never claim to be is a huge fan of UCLA athletics – I don’t mind their teams and I like tailgating for football, but overall the school seems to have lost that pride it used to carry itself with, plus the fans here are real fickle.

But I am a huge fan of John Wooden.  Last night some rumors swarmed that coach Wooden had died and that was a pretty sad moment.  Its hard not to respect a man who won a staggering 10 NCAA championships in 12 years, always keeps his word, and still puts a love letter on his wife’s grave every month, even 25 years after she died.

I think his “Pyramid of Success” is a great example of how to play the game of basketball (and the game of life the right way) and I hope coach Wooden is alright.

John Wooden's Pyramid of Success

John Wooden's Pyramid of Success