Rush Limbaugh, Idiocy and Volcanoes

Rush Limbaugh was quoted on his talk show last week blaming the Obama Administration’s recent passage of the health care bill for the massive Icelandic volcano that has cleared the sky’s of Europe from air travel.

that unpronouncable icelandic volcano

that unpronouncable icelandic volcano

Clearly, Limbaugh is confusing this volcano with the massive Tsunami that wiped out Australia… God’s retaliation for the Magna Carta (he smited that habeas corpus bulljive!)  Very similar to the meteorite that blasted the Yucatan after Hammurabi so boldly (and foolishly!) wrote his laws on that slab of stone.  Please, Obama, PLEEEAAAAASSSSEEE don’t pass any more reform laws or Florida may sink in the ocean like that big ass boat they named after that James Cameron movie.

But on a more serious note, should we be more shocked that God has chosen Rush Limbaugh to voice His word… or that His Armageddon would manifest in a bunch of airport closings?


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