back in the saddle

so you might say my blog well runneth dry recently.  i have been busy with school/lab work and some other things (see below) so i havent been keeping up with my blog.  today i noticed some funny searches that people used to get to this website.  the 5 most popular searches from the last 30 days are:  hagfish, wolverine vs. hulk, hulk vs. wolverine, lenin, obama communist.  yes, that is what its all about.

anyways, a few weeks ago i was suckered in to buying a few small canvases and some acrylic paints – which turned out to be a pretty awesome purchase.  i have painted a bunch of paintings and even though i wouldnt consider myself a good artist, they do make me feel more at home in my apartment.  plus after spending many days painting from the minute i get home from lab until the minute i go to bed, skipping dinner and every other healthy behavior in the process, i think i may have diagnosed myself with mild OCD.  honestly though it has been fun to have some sort of hobby to look forward to, even if i just painted things other people have already done just because i liked them.  and i have dropped 8 pounds from malnutrition, but i dont think i needed them anyways.

also i am trying to get my ass together for a few 5ks in the fall so i have been trying to run a lot more.

finally, on friday and saturday of this week i will be seeing bon iver (!) play at the hollywood wiltern at a cemetery, respectively.  yes a cemetery.  doors open for that show at midnight and justin vernon has hand selected 5 hours of entertainment until sunrise, at which time he will rock our faces off with music.  i will talk more about that after the big day.

bon iver

bon iver

i am very excited about bon iver, but if that hasnt come through in todays post its because i am tired.  tired from watching the best show in the history of television: the wire.  if you havent seen it and want to maintain some semblance of normal life, avoid the wire at all costs.  if you have ever wondered what crystal meth is like but you want to keep all of your hair and teeth, you should check it out.  i blacked out last night and when i woke up i was cooking a season 1 disc on a spoon, so…

omar from the wire - the baddest homo ever

omar from the wire - the baddest homo ever

and on a final note it is fire season in southern california!  you may have read about some fires in pasadena, about 30 miles from where i am right meow.  below is a picture i took of my apartment of the smoke plume. this fire was so bad you could see it from space.  let me explain this a little better… LA goes nuts every now and then, whether it be the death of a famous celebrity or a fire or something.  a few weeks ago some guy claimed he had a bomb and was going to blow up the federal building (half a mile from the hospital where i work none the less).  anyways, the secret service intercepted and a bunch of roads were blocked and traffic backed up but everything turned out ok.  fastforward two weeks or so and i woke up one morning to this mushroom cloud and i thought they finally got the feds.  then two weeks after that the space shuttle landed in the mojave desert, which made a sonic boom heard and felt all through southern california.  so in other words, in the past 3 months or so in los angeles i have thought death was imminent… and now i dont wonder why im getting gray hairs.

pasadena fire

pasadena fire


5 responses to “back in the saddle

  1. Christopher Donahoe

    Man. Sweet pics Walth.

    And thanks for suggesting The Wire. I haven’t seen it but I’ve heard people talking about it and I figured I probably should start a new tv series before I watch The West Wing for the fourth time.

    In other news, since you’re my sole CH friend on the West Coast, how does a little visit from a Dhoe fit in with your regular weekend schedule? Or do they make you work in the lab on the Sabbath too?

  2. man, if you get in to the wire you better make sure you have netflix because each season is gonna run you about $50. further, make sure you can rent multiple dvds at a time because when you get on a run with The Wire, you dont want to stop and wait for the next disc.

    i get weekends off and i havent taken a day off in a while, so if dbro finds himself out in LA we might have to paint the town red and/or go see Conan Obrien. lately i have been doing some UCLA football tailgating with my friends which has been one of those “why havent i done this my whole life” moments, so try to come during a home football game

  3. I’ve also been meaning to check out The Wire. I’ve only heard good things.

    How was the Bon Iver show? Everything you could have hoped for?

    I too plan on visiting LA sometime soon and I’d love to check out this Conan O’ Brien show you speak of. His Late Show taping was one of my favorite memories of being in New York for the summer…

  4. you painted those pictures?! those are sweet!!!

  5. Christopher Donahoe

    Markus, can we maybe co-ordinate a trip here?

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