this week, (500) days of summer comes out.  I am REAL pumped for this movie, for a few reasons:

zooey deschanel

los angeles

sweet dream-like animations


this awesome song (sweet disposition by the temper trap … see trailer below)

i cant wait.  now if only i could convince hot chicks to go see this movie with me!


3 responses to “summer

  1. I saw it today in Chicago with Christina and really enjoyed it. I was also really excited to see it and it didn’t disappoint.

    You should also add Joseph Gordon-Levitt to your list of reasons, because in my opinion, there’s not a better actor these days…

  2. I mean I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt… but I’m IN love with Zooey Deschanel. You see what I mean? He is one of my favorite actors, though, even all the way back to his 3rd rock from the sun malarky. plus Brick was badass. I feel like this movie may be best with a lady so Ill have to keep my ear to the grindstone

  3. Christina was telling me all about this movie the other day. In T minus 1 1/2 months, if you need an excuse for why you went to a chick flick I’m willing to be your partner in crime!

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