interpreting the cards

sometimes metaphors are best

a short time later, when the carpenter was taking measurements for the coffin, through the window they saw a light rain of tiny yellow flowers falling. they fell on the town all through the night in a silent storm, and they covered the roofs and blocked the doors and smothered the animals who slept outdoors. so many flowers fell from the sky that in the morning the streets were carpeted with a compact cushion and they had to clear them away with shovels and rakes so that the funeral procession could pass by…

-Gabriel Garcia Marquez – 100 Years of Solitude


3 responses to “interpreting the cards

  1. …easily one of my top 10 favorite books. good quote btw!

  2. I’m finally reading that book right now! Though I’m only on page 80 something so I haven’t read this quote yet.

  3. ! What a lovely surprise; to come across one of my favourite “moments” of all time in this unexpected forum. I love GGM’s sudden surrealism…

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