seth galifianakis

many of you have probably heard of zach galifianakis, the bearded funny man from movies such as “out cold” and the recently released “the hangover” and also some other goofy shit that you probably dont like or understand unless you are tragically hip like myself.  most people have yet to be introduced to his twin brother, seth galifianakis.  seth is a stark contrast to the angry and comedic zach, but in his soft-spoken, conservative north carolina drawl seth helps elucidate some of the origins behind zachs funniness.  my favorite part is near the very end where seth adopts the anonymous moniker “marcus” and uses the black-out lighting to describe a moment from the last time him and zach hung out.


2 responses to “seth galifianakis

  1. I fell out of my chair on multiple occasions laughing at this incredible interview. This was a sheer riot.

    I hope you’re doing well, Walthers!

  2. Seth also appeared in Zach’s place a few times early in Zach’s career on Jimmy Kimmel. Those interviews are equally as funny.

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