Academy of Sciences – San Francisco

Some pictures from the California Academy of Science building in San Francisco, which I had the pleasure of visiting this weekend.

California Academy of Sciences - Blueprint

California Academy of Sciences - Blueprint

there are a few parts visible on the blueprint. the dome furthest on the left is a planetarium, while the dome on the right is a bird/butterfly room.  in the center and outermost portions there are displays about evolution, climate change and other things that confuse republicans.  you can also walk over and view giant (thousands of gallons) tanks that simulate coral reefs and california tide pools.  in the bottom floor you can see into the tanks from the side and there are all kinds of smaller tanks and exhibits.  one of the giant tanks recreates a swamp with an albino alligator that i forgot to photograph.

reef fish

reef fish

one of the giant coral reef tanks was just filled with every color, shape and size fish imaginable.


sand eels

including these three caballeros, called sand eels


nemos uncle, ishmael

and this guy was chilling with some blowfish in a smaller tank. he looked really scared to see me…



yes, i found nemo.  it was not as exciting as the movie

the shire

the shire

last but not least, the roof is like hobbiton.  its actually pretty cool, there are all native plants growing and when it rains, the excess runoff goes back into the water table instead of being wasted as sewage runoff.  all the sky lights both illuminate and warm the building, and the plants prevent high temperatures during the day and keep the building cool at night.  you cant see it, but around the entire perimeter there is a ~ 10 foot long awning covered with solar panels that provide the museum with 20% of its electricity needs.  its like mother nature already knows science!


One response to “Academy of Sciences – San Francisco

  1. “and other things that confuse republicans”, I literally laughed out loud at that comment. This place sounds neat! I hope you saw the sea lions too, no trip to SF is complete without sea lions.

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