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have you ever tried to post something on craigslist?  if so you will probably know what im talking about, but if not… let this be a warning of the impending economic apocalypse.

anyways, i have an old guitar and some other stuff that i recently tried to sell on craigslist.  so here i am, thinking that people will look on craigslist and see that guitar and say “dang, that is a sweet guitar.  i would pay approximately what he is asking for to have that guitar in mine own hands, to have and to hold.”  unfortunately that is not how craigslist works these days.  apparently the recession has revived good ole debate brought up by william jennings bryant (aka the lion from the wonderful wizard of oz) regarding the standard of the american dollar.  what i am getting at here is this:  nobody pays with cash on craigslist!  the playstation 3 has replaced the dollar, and various ps3 games have replaced coins as the official currency of craigslist.  every potential transaction i participated in went something like this:

kind sir – regarding your used guitar.  i would like to exchange for your guitar my ps3 and three (3) used games of your choice.  i believe this to be a fair exchange.  also, if you would kindly send several pictures of your guitar, i would in turn send you several pictures of my ps3 and games.  thank you and goodday

– ninja63@some_email.

off to see the wizard

off to see the wizard

thanks for your creative ps3 offer, but i would prefer cash unless maybe you could pay in cowry shells, 5 hours labor from your largest mule and some  fancy spices from the far east.

i dont know when this monetary revolution occured, but at my sisters wedding i had a conversation regarding craigslist with a few family members and all of them have had similar experiences on craigslist lately.  whats even crazier is i am looking for an apartment in LA right now and all the rents are something like “a ps3 as a deposit, with 5 copies of grand theft auto per month and 1 copy of the latest madden every 4 weeks for utilities”.

in all seriousness, it seems like either 1.) kids no longer understand how america works 2.) a lot of people have ps3s they dont want anymore 3.) i have grossly underestimated the liquidity of the ps3.  it reminds me of how cigarettes are used as currency in prison

grab that ps3 - its as good as cash on craigslist

grab that ps3 - its as good as cash on craigslist


One response to “Craigslist

  1. Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with how much of a badass Bruce is…

    That being said, I’m a fan of this post and I hope that the guitar selling venture becomes more successful in the immediate future. Until then, keep up the delightful posts.

    P.S. I have an awesome movie for you to watch/laugh at regarding WWIII, the Soviets teaming up with the Cubans, and Patrick Swayze. You must rent Red Dawn immediately.

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