Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine!

normally i try to add live or acoustic or otherwise non-studio performances by some of my favorite artists, but this video (like all TV on the Radio stuff) is AWESOME and besides that it fits really well with this post.  i also highly recommend checking out their trippy video for Staring at the Sun.  and although i have already mentioned how sweet TV on the Radio is, they also have some facial hair to compete with Jim James of My Morning Jacket (good ole southern face beast), Justin Vernon of Bon Iver (north country winter beard) and Ray Lamontagne (woodsy lumberjack beard).  see also:  Jeff Tweedy in his post-yankee hotel foxtrot revival period

if you know me well, chances are you know im nerdy.  if you havent figured that part out, you will after reading this post.

in march, the ultimate wolverine vs. hulk mini-series comic book started back up.  the first two issues were written by damon lindelof, the co-creator of Lost, and came out a few years back.  once Lost took off he got side tracked for a while, but he has recently written the final 4 scripts and they were illustrated by leinil yu (one of the better comic book illustrators out there).  they were real sweet.  how sweet, you ask?  this sweet.

ultimate wolver vs. hulk

ultimate wolverine vs. hulk

yeah, thats right, wolverine gets torn in half in the first few pages.  then he gets thrown 4 miles through the himalayas, climbs up the mountains with his claws and fights the hulk, who is pissed because his girl dont love him no mo and because the government tried to nuke him.  i mean, if there ever were a comic book series that could appeal to anyone, it would be these 6 issues.  the hulk and wolverine are both real popular and their fight is like that old idiom “an unstoppable force and an indestructable object” – wolverine cant really die and the hulk is pretty impervious to damage.  its worth reading.  i think it would be sweet to have claws like wolverine so you could just cut some crap up whenever.

with that said, i have been pounding through a bunch of zombie movies as of late.  most recently i caught the BBC’s halloween mini-series Dead Set, which i must say was quite good, however i had to watch it in 10 minute clips on youtube and the quality was crappy.  i definitely recommend it though, its not very scary and it takes an interesting approach to the zombie genre.  with the whole swine flu going around, you best be preparing yourself for the inevitable zombie armageddon.

bbcs dead set

bbc's dead set. you better believe this lady is about to be a zombie

im right in the middle of the “… of the Dead” series by George Romero.  i caught night of the living dead, and the famous dawn of the dead (the sequel that takes place in a shopping mall) is next in my blockbuster queue.  living in LA, i pretty much feel like i am surrounded by mindless, blood-thirsty zombies all day anyways so i might as well indulge my free time in zombie movies too.  credit where its due, my good friend ryan from back home in NY has been ruthless leader with a shotgun to my zombie movie outbreak.  interestingly he also got me back into comic books.  respect.

dawn of the dead

dawn of the dead


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