Dolphins are Smart!

while that song (Girl Talk – Play Your Part) has nothing to do with dolphins or why they are so smart, i couldn’t resist a little girl talk.  most of this is coming from the following website, which you should read if you have the will and desire to fear the time when dolphins decide the earth shall be theirs again.

Deep Thinkers

Dolphins are soooo smart!

  • at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi, trainers taught dolphins to clean their own tank by rewarding them for picking up trash.  then dolphins figured out that they could hide the trash, tear off pieces and return it bit by bit to get more fish.
  • other dolphins learned to bait seagulls into their tank with the fish their trainers gave them for picking up trash, attack the gulls, and bring them to their trainers as “trash” – thereby saving their fish reward as an investment for more fish.
  • in the wild, dolphins use tricks to catch their prey.  in brazil, dolphins will use their tail to throw fish into the air to stun them.  other dolphins in texas have learned how to wiggle in and out of shrimp nets to steal any fish caught inside.
  • then i saw this video of dolphins on youtube…

that settled it for me.  dolphins are getting too smart. to recap they 1. know how to pick up after themselves 2. know responsible savings techniques 3. are better at hunting than humans are and 4. are preparing some sort of weapon in seaworld.  live in fear, and just remember that like women, dolpins may seem cute on the outside but they look like this on the inside


3 responses to “Dolphins are Smart!

  1. I’m thoroughly impressed by this post. Many more posts should be done to inform us of the intellectual ability (and threat) that animals pose for humans; especially accompanied by Girl Talk videos.

  2. So if the sweetness of a blog can determined from the number of times a particular post has been brought up in conversation with others who do not have prior knowledge of the aforementioned blog entry, then based on this entry, your blog is pretty sweet.

  3. I just got to your blog and haven’t read much yet. The Barca post pulled me right in–I spent 2 semesters there in college.

    Check this out sometime. It’s great radio!

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