About Myself


Last year I decided to choose a New Year’s Resolution that actually meant something and that I would stick with, so I chose to watch 52 new (to me) movies. I’ve always been curious about the world, and I wish I could know everything about it but we all know that’s impossible. Still, when you watch a movie it’s almost like you get to watch another person’s life distilled in to the most interesting 90 minutes or so – it’s like living another life. So I’ve always been interested in watching some of the best movies, to see what other people think is the most important 90 minutes of another life and the best way to tell that.

I liked the 52 movie resolution so much that I doubled down this year with 100 new (to me) movies. I’m no A.O. Scott, but I have really enjoyed getting to understand storytelling through the uniquely 21st century medium and I thought I would share some of my favorite cinematographic experiences (and work on my writing a bit).

Whenever I can and whenever something special about movies strikes me I will make a new post. Sometimes I will get in depth in to a specific movie, or a genre, or a method of storytelling, or just a top 10 of some sub-category. When I do the top 10’s, I will try to break down why those movies made my list in later posts more focused on each individual movie – i.e. if I pick my favorite antagonists, I will elaborate later what made them so great. I love sharing my favorite movies and breaking them down, so hopefully this will spare some friends my constant ranting and raving.



One response to “About Myself

  1. Doesn’t the green light also represent the money and social status of Daisy and her lifestyle that Gatsby worked so hard to achieve for her?

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